Update for Forest Row for Sunday, 2nd June, 2024

What we have received is not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may understand what God has freely given us. (I Corinthians 2:12)

It can seem as if we are citizens of two worlds: we live our lives in the everyday world that is governed by the laws of nature and human laws. Of necessity, we have to learn the ways of this world. As we gain experience in our lives, there can be a kind of satisfaction as we learn how the world works.

At the same time, we want to live a life that is aligned with another world. We spend time in prayer and contemplation, we try to model our behaviours and shape our communities according to its laws – selflessness, love, abundance.

It is easy to see what happens if we give ourselves over only to one of these worlds. ‘Otherworldliness’ might produce wonderful dreams, but we cannot be effective in the world if we refuse to recognise its ways. Mere pragmatism leads to its own downfall: if we sacrifice all our principles and ideals on the altar of worldly success, what is that success really worth?

To receive the Spirit which is from God is not to receive a competing spirit, who stands as an equal, opposing power over against the spirit of this world. The gift of the Spirit consists in this: that we see that the origin and purpose of this world is in God. Our efforts to make our daily lives conform to the laws of the spirit are in fact uncovering this reality.

We do not have to choose which world we belong to, but rather to discover the Spirit who is from God at the foundation of all that is. Then we can be citizens of the only world that there is: God’s world.

– Tom Ravetz

The time given on the poster for the concert by Intesa on 31st May is for when the doors open. The concert itself starts at 7.30pm

The Act of Consecration of Man will not be held on 7th June.

On 8th June at 10am, there will be an Act of Consecration of Man in Memory of Aud and Michael Dixon.

We are delighted to be hosting the concert, Wild Places, performed by the Alexandra Ensemble, on Sunday, 9th June at 5.30pm. Please see Gregers’ introduction to the concert below.

Our rich summer programme continues with Deborah Ravetz’s talk, The Transforming Power of Human Connection on Friday, 14th June at 7pm.

The Bible Study group will recommence at 10am on 13th June. We will turn to Isaiah 53, which contains the description of the Suffering Servant with the sentence, ‘By his wounds we are healed’.

Tom will be away at the International Lenkers’ Meeting in Söcking, near Munich, 3rd-7th June.

Tom Ravetz and Nataliia Shatna

Please put this rather unique concert with the Alexandra Ensemble in your diary. It will feature BBC singer Emma Tring performing the works of Nicholas Korth and Simon Austin as well as renowned composer Michael Finnesey alongside Schubert and Schumann. Co-principal Horn player of the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Forest Row born, Nicholas Korth will also be performing on some fantastic Gongs in his own unique work which explores rarely used and heard tonalities and sounds. Keyboardist Clive Williamson and violinist Robin Martin of the BBC Concert Orchestra complete this vibrant ensemble who are deidicated to performing new music.

SImon Austin is another local composer whose works have been performed extensively by The Sussex Cantorum in particular over many years. Emma will perform his song Summoned.

I am happy to have a short slow piece for Horn and Piano performed as well.

For those who are interested, there will be a chance to delve deeper into the world of natural tuning and the extraordinary sound possibilities of Gongs after the concert.

– Gregers Brinch

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