The Christian Community in the UK and Ireland

The Christian Community was established in 1922 under the leadership of Friedrich Rittelmeyer. Rudolf Steiner played an indispensable part in establishing its constitution and forms of service. The centre of the community’s life is a morning Eucharist, or communion service of bread and wine known as The Act of Consecration of Man. Anyone is welcome to attend this service, where they may find spiritual nourishment and peace, enlightenment for daily life and strength and companionship along the way –  as well as a sense of working for the earth and humanity as a whole. The festivals of the Christian Year are celebrated there  in a new way.

Ordained priests, both men and women, work together with the members of the congregations to create free sacramental communities for celebrating The Act of Consecration of Man and the other sacraments. These are Baptism for infants, Confirmation for adolescents, Sacramental Consultation for the individual, the Ordination of Priests, the Anointing for those approaching death, and the Sacrament of Marriage. The Christian Community is a worldwide movement, with an English-language website here. It is led by a group of seven lenkers (coordinators) and oberlenkers. More information on the central leadership is available in a PDF here.

Congregations are sustained by the financial support and practical care of their members.

The Christian Community has a creed that states the central truths of Christianity. Members may relate to this in their own way; it is intended as a guide on their spiritual journey. Follow this link for a piece of writing about what form such a journey can take. Introductory leaflets on aspects of the Community are available in the congregations, or from Floris Books.

Alongside the seven sacraments there are services and religious instruction for children, separate funeral services for  adults and children and evening services for special occasions. There are also children’s holidays and activities for young people.

The best answer to the question, “What is The Christian Community?” is found in Christ’s first words in the gospel of St John: “What are you seeking?… Come and see!” John 1,38

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PVS-2015.1Perspectives is the journal of The Christian Community in English. It has its own website and an archive of all the issues since 2003.