Update for Forest Row for Sunday, 9th June, 2024

We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. (Romans 8:26)

How heartfelt are St Paul’s words about prayer! How often have wanted to pray, only to find ourselves lost for words, or tangled in complicated thoughts? As much as it can be a help to have a differentiated picture of the spiritual world, we can also start to feel confused: whom shall I pray to – my angel, or the spirit of the community, or Christ?

Here, the insight that spiritual beings want nothing more than to open themselves for the working of yet higher beings, can be helpful. Those closest to us – our angels – bring to us the revelation of yet higher beings. And wherever our prayer is directed, our angel passes our words on to the Holy Spirit, the great Communicator, who takes them where they need to go.

So finding our heartfelt prayer and speaking it out – as Saint Paul says sometimes with incoherent, groans and mutterings – could be more important than worrying about the correct addressee. We can imagine how our prayer is lifted up, and whatever we might be praying for is embraced by ever higher, more encompassing Minds which lift it into the concern and care of the Holy Trinity itself. Thinking in this way can help to liberate us from any narrow, egotistical one-sidedness.

– Tom Ravetz

The Act of Consecration of Man will not be held on 7th June.

On 8th June at 10am, there will be an Act of Consecration of Man in Memory of Aud and Michael Dixon.

There will be a talk and conversation on the Mystery of Providence with Tom Ravetz, with the title ‘all things work together for the good…’ (Romans 8) on Sunday, 9th June at 11.30am.

We are delighted to be hosting the concert, Wild Places, performed by the Alexandra Ensemble, on Sunday, 9th June at 5.30pm. Please see Gregers’ introduction to the concert below.

Our rich summer programme continues with Deborah Ravetz’s talk, The Transforming Power of Human Connection on Friday, 14th June at 7pm.

The Bible Study group will recommence at 10am on 13th June. We will turn to Isaiah 53, which contains the description of the Suffering Servant with the beautiful sentence, ‘By his wounds we are healed’.

Nataliia will be away this weekend.

Tom Ravetz and Nataliia Shatna

Please put this rather unique concert with the Alexandra Ensemble in your diary. It will feature BBC singer Emma Tring performing the works of Nicholas Korth and Simon Austin as well as renowned composer Michael Finnesey alongside Schubert and Schumann. Co-principal Horn player of the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Forest Row born, Nicholas Korth will also be performing on some fantastic Gongs in his own unique work which explores rarely used and heard tonalities and sounds. Keyboardist Clive Williamson and violinist Robin Martin of the BBC Concert Orchestra complete this vibrant ensemble who are deidicated to performing new music.

SImon Austin is another local composer whose works have been performed extensively by The Sussex Cantorum in particular over many years. Emma will perform his song Summoned.

I am happy to have a short slow piece for Horn and Piano performed as well.

For those who are interested, there will be a chance to delve deeper into the world of natural tuning and the extraordinary sound possibilities of Gongs after the concert.

– Gregers Brinch

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