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Letter from Siobhán Porter to her Congregations

Re-posted with permission.

Dear Congregations,
I feel very lucky to have a found a great reason to tell stories, to children who are prepared to listen!
We all surely have had this great experience at one time or another, and in these stories we learn, time and again, about truth, that it is hidden in the stories, we learn it through the stories as children, and as adults when we tell them we can have a lovely reminder of the way truth works in us and in the world.
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Christian Community Autumn Programm

Dear Members and Friends of The Christian Community in Botton & Malton,

Here is the Autumn Programme. Many people will also get a printed version in their mail box, but if not, you can print it out in the ‘booklet’ form and then it will be on one sheet of paper. However, if you want me to send you one already printed, please let me know.…

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