We have decided to try out e-subscriptions to Perspectives. It is very expensive to send printed matter by post, and it hasn’t proved possible to print copies locally. We remain very grateful to Melissa Kay, who handles payments in the USA, and Elisabeth Heybrook, who does the same in New Zealand. We hope that some subscribers will continue to order paper copies.
Nevertheless, we hope that this new step will increase our outreach. We were inspired to do this by a reader in North America who expressed regret that so few people in North America have access to our journal.
We have set the price at the same level as a UK subscription (£15). Our reasoning is that if we undercut that price, then our subscriptions in the UK will begin to fall, and people without access to the internet will be disadvantaged, as the price to print a copy goes up in inverse proportion to the number printed.

Payments for this new type of subscription will be handled online via PayPal. Please see our subscriptions page for more details.

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