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Sermon on John 16 by Revd Peter Holman

Dear Christian Community, Some of the Easter appearances of Christ to the disciples took place outdoors, some indoors. In all instances they were characterised by warm and powerful fellowship. The Risen One granted them experiences so deep, so intense, so convincing, that they would for ever know that being with Him, walking with Him, was […]

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Sermon for the third Sunday of Easter – Community in Isolation

Dear Community of Christians, Dear Community of united thoughts and feelings and intentions, In the current milieu one can observe how all forms of community life around the whole Earth are being restricted. This unprecedented situation surely has profound consequences for the soul life of all Humanity. What is community if people can’t meet in […]

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Sermon on John 10

Tom Ravetz has written a sermon on the week’s gospel reading, which you can listen to here. Here is a transcript. I am the Door – the ‘I am’ is the Door Doors have always had a mysterious, transformative power. Doors create boundaries –  barriers or markers that divide inner from outer, outer from inner. […]

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