Sermon for the third Sunday of Easter – Community in Isolation

Dear Community of Christians,
Dear Community of united thoughts and feelings and intentions,

In the current milieu one can observe how all forms of community life around the whole Earth are being restricted. This unprecedented situation surely has profound consequences for the soul life of all Humanity. What is community if people can’t meet in the same space? Where is the quickening conversation? Where is the speaking and listening? Where is the exchange of sympathy and antipathy? Where is the seeing and being seen? Where are the destiny encounters that have to be wrestled with? Where are the understanding touch and the clear boundary?

It is obvious that in times like these different ways need to be found. Super-sensible ways.

We often speak of such possibilities and how all those who receive communion are united at the altar – even those who are not present – or is that just a fantasy? And what about our loving thoughts and prayers? Do they actually reach the people they are for? And communication through technology? Is it really possible to choose one’s words and thoughts and feelings and intentions so carefully in the way that we express ourselves on the telephone, in letters and emails and texts and online chats that we can achieve the same community substance without being in the same space?

Yes, many difficult and valuable questions may and must be asked, and although we know that we know the answers, and that we most certainly do, we still feel how much harder we have to work to stand for what we deep down know to be true. We create the reality of tomorrow by what we do today; by what we suffer today. A level of inner work is called for where a greater-than-ever-before effort seems to be required; where far greater consciousness and discipline is called for; where our faith and conviction are tested again and again.

But did we really expect this to happen already in our life-time? Can’t we just comfortably go on studying it and reading about it in books a bit longer? Couldn’t we just have a bit more time to be prepared?

The sobering truth just may well be that we most likely actually want it like this. In fact, need it like this! We chose to be here at this time, in this place, knowing full well this would come. Every age offers opportunities for learning that are quite unlike those of any other age, and if met with trust and humility they can become the source of new and important faculties for our further development.

And the opportunities now? Well, learning and practicing the super-sensible ways! Indeed. The adventure for each one in their own way to discover where he or she can truly, really cultivate community substance, brotherhood of spirit, the joining of hearts and minds according to his or her own means – even alone in one’s own room – and be absolutely convinced of this. After all – we are spirit beings too with growing spirit faculties! Significant growing spiritual heart faculties! And the Wise Guides of our time trust us to take free ownership of these growing heart faculties with the same responsibility and dedication that the sun has; raying out warmth and light every day – whether there are clouds or not! Whether the world wants it or not!

In fact, dear community of united thoughts and feelings and intentions, it just might be that it is the sun in us that is the true builder of community. And we can never forget that…

Yea, so be it.

Aaron Mirkin, Stroud
3rd Easter Sunday – 26th April 2020

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