Sermon for Ascension by Aaron Mirkin

‘He lives in earthly being, transfiguring earthly with heavenly being.’

Dear Community of Christians,
Dear lovers of life, and wrestlers with Earth existence,

We know we cannot go back to Paradise, to our original unity with the Heavens. We would deny the freedom and consciousness that we have won along the rocky road of so many
incarnations; and yet what lies before us as the hard and finished sense world appears so impenetrable to our gaze. Where is the way forward?

With Easter, Jesus Christ has overcome the chains of death and fragmentation which fetter the forms of the Old Creation; and now, in these days, He ascends into the Ground of the
world – but not ‘up there’, far rather ‘down here’ – here amongst the stones and thorns of material existence and inexorable human destiny. For He does not forsake the old and
finished Father world that bore his earthly body, rather does He penetrate to its core, living and working in the depths of the sense world, in the depths of every wrestling human heart
– dying and becoming in every moment – so near that barely do we notice!!

Yes, through the veil of the sense world, and nowhere else, leads the way forward to the New Creation – armed only with the Risen Christ in our hearts –

Studying and exploring earth existence,
Trusting earth existence,
Suffering earth existence,
Loving earth existence!!!

To the ends of the Earth our hearts would go, following The Christ through every deep and dark forest, no matter what it takes…

…transfiguring earthly being with heavenly being on every step of the way,-

with every enquiring eye,
with every selfless deed…

…one fragment at a time.

And one day the old shell will crack and fall away, and the Earth will shine like a sun; and our
hearts too.

Yea, so be it!

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