The Holy Land is our Teacher – Weekend Conference with Ilse Wellershoff-Schuur

The Holy Land – so many narratives meet here, so many destinies, and each of them has their own right to be told, each is carrying important truths, but none is whole in itself.

In our weekend conference, we will learn about the Land in all its diversity, then we will dive into some of the aspects that perplex us. Afterwards we may find that we know more, but also that we judge less about the current realities that seem so challenging. We probably will learn about ourselves as well, and how we form our opinions. Perhaps we will become more careful, more loving. With all of this we may grow closer to understanding why so many streams of humanity met in Christianity.
Ilse Wellershoff-Schuur was born in Germany 1958. As the daughter of a naval officer, she had a mobile childhood, moving between the north of Germany, Bonn and Philadelphia.
After studying law in Bonn, Aarhus (Denmark) and Kiel, she became a Waldorf teacher.
She studied at the Seminary of The Christian Community in Stuttgart and was ordained in 2000.
Since then, she has worked as a congregational priest. She has been married for 45 years, has three adult children and six grandsons.
For 25 years, Ilse has been working with Arab and Jewish partners from Galilee to create a meeting place for all of the cultures in the region. Over the years, a place of living and learning for volunteers and seminarians, a forest theatre stage, a garden, and an inter-religious place of worship have grown in the forest, on the edge of the anthroposophical village community of Harduf. The 25th anniversary celebration, held in Oldenburg, Germany, on October 13, was particularly meaningful in the shadow of violence and war.
You can find out more about this project here.

Suggested donation:
£10 for Friday evening & £25 for whole weekend
Your donation will cover travel costs. Any excess will go towards Ilse’s project Sha’ar laAdam – Bab l’il Insan


Friday, 1st March at 7pm
The Cross of the Earth – The Holy Land in Geography, History, Cultures and Religions
Opening lecture by Ilse Wellershoff-Schuur
Saturday, 2nd March
Die Menschenweihehandlung – the Act of Consecration of Man in German
10.30am The ‘Promised Land’ and its Religious and Cultural Significance
Contribution and conversation
1pm Bring & Share Lunch
2.30 – 4pm Rulers, Destinies and Narratives – Presentation with slides
Sunday, 3rd March
10am The Act of Consecration of Man
11.30am Presentation and Conversation on
‘Whose is the Land?’ – The Squaring of the Circle
Including a report on our work in Sha’ar laAdam – Bab l’il Insan, the intercultural center in Galilee

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