Living with the Spiritual Hierarchies

Komposition IV - Kandinsky

Weekend workshop led by Tom Ravetz, with Eurythmy led by Katherine Beaven

One of the changes in human understanding over the last century has been an increasing acknowledgement that there may be other forms of consciousness than our own. Advances in cosmology and quantum mechanics, the many near-death experiences and other moments where human beings achieve a ‘flip’ in their awareness (Jeffrey Kripal) suggest that the old picture, in which human beings were utterly alone in a world of mechanical causes, needs to be revised.

One of the pioneers of this new awareness was Rudolf Steiner. His many descriptions of spiritual beings invite us to develop methods of knowing by which we see ourselves from ever wider perspectives. What we gain from understanding the spiritual Hierarchies can serve to deepen and inform our experiences in the Act of Consecration of Man.

For this weekend, we will work with simple exercises and eurythmy to grow into an awareness of the spiritual hierarchies, taking Steiner’s descriptions and indications of exercises as a starting point.

We are asking for contributions for this weekend workshop at three rates:

Supported: £50; standard £70; supporting £90.

We can send a list of accommodation in local homes and bed and breakfasts on request. Meals can be taken in the many cafes within walking distance of the church. Refreshments in the breaks will be provided.

The number of places is limited, so please register via this form. A detailed programme will be sent out nearer the time.

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