Update for Forest Row, Sunday, 14th January

The events of the Holy Nights shone out all the more brightly because of the darker backdrop that many of us were aware of this year. In the reading for the first Sunday in Epiphany, Matthew 2, this polarity of light and darkness takes on human form in the two radically different images of kingship that we meet. The Three Kings or Magi use their spiritual gifts to read the stars and are so moved by what they perceive there that they are ready to offer everything to the Christ-child. Herod, on the other hand, uses his earthly power to manipulate and deceive, in order to preserve his position. The Three Kings are ready to leave ‘by another way’, accepting the prompting of the spiritual world; Herod commits the crime of infanticide as his power-lust turns into the lust to destroy. There will be a talk and conversation on these two images of kingship on Sunday, 14th at 11.30am.

The two plays that framed our Holy Nights were beautiful in their simplicity. Our thanks go to all who made them possible.

I have sent the letter which is attached below to the congregations. I will read it out on Sunday when there will be a chance to discuss its contents.

We are pleased to be hosting Gregers Brinch’s graduation performance on Friday, 19th January at 7.30pm. More details on the poster below.

I keep a list of ideas that have arisen which have never quite become plans, and I would be grateful to hear whether any of them find resonance with the readers of this update. They are:

  • A retreat in Milan, with daily visits to Leonardo’s Last Supper.
    I would be able to design the retreat days, but I would not be able to organise the logistics.
  • A block of study-sessions on the Prologue to the Gospel of St John.
  • A retreat weekend in Forest Row on the Spiritual Hierarchies.

If any of these could be of interest to you, please let me know.

Tom Ravetz

This Update comes to you in a slightly different form. I would be interested to hear how it works for you.

Nataliia is on leave until 16th January.

Selina is on leave until 22nd January.

Tom will be on leave from 15th-20th January.

Term started for Forward Education on Monday, 8th January. Please note that this means the church is closed from 8am to 4pm every Monday.



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