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Whitsun homily by Revd Peter van Breda

When we observe the seven candles burning at the altar we are reminded of the twelve tongues of fire that appeared and rested on the heads of the disciples and women on this day 2,000years ago.

The inner nature and gesture of the ever-upward striving flame is the same for each candle. Each candle though burns and radiates its own flaming light, each candle is we can see different.…

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Sermon for Ascension by Aaron Mirkin

‘He lives in earthly being, transfiguring earthly with heavenly being.’

Dear Community of Christians,
Dear lovers of life, and wrestlers with Earth existence,

We know we cannot go back to Paradise, to our original unity with the Heavens. We would deny the freedom and consciousness that we have won along the rocky road of so many
incarnations; and yet what lies before us as the hard and finished sense world appears so impenetrable to our gaze.…

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Homily for Ascension Day, 21st May, 2020 by Revd Peter van Breda

Dear Friends,

Through the Ascension deed of Christ, the Earth and Mankind, who were for long cycles of time separated from the divine worlds are once again re-united. Christ has taken us with him and raised us up into the world of the Father, into the heart of the world of spirit, but also into the visible elevated realm of the clouds.…

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Sermon on John 14 by Revd Bill Boyd

Gospel Reading: John 14
Dear Christian Community,

Words, phrases, sentences either stay with us or are soon forgotten, no matter what their nature. Some we retain, others we let go. Words spoken in anger or contempt may strike root and we discover that the speaker feels shame when reminded of them. Such words are like weeds which need to be uprooted from our heart and thrown on the soul’s compost heap.…

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The Red and the Green – Luke Barr

At Easter, the altar frontal is red. The chasuble, which the priest wears is red and green. You will recall that the chasuble has something like a figure 8 on the front, and an elongated U-shape on the back. The chasuble is predominately red; the edges and the shapes are green.

At this time of year, the green in nature is astounding.…

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Letter from Siobhán Porter to her Congregations

Re-posted with permission.

Dear Congregations,
I feel very lucky to have a found a great reason to tell stories, to children who are prepared to listen!
We all surely have had this great experience at one time or another, and in these stories we learn, time and again, about truth, that it is hidden in the stories, we learn it through the stories as children, and as adults when we tell them we can have a lovely reminder of the way truth works in us and in the world.
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