Sermon for Whitsun by Revd Selina Horn

John 14: 23-31

The heavens and the earth are in a beautiful relationship with each other.
Celebrating Ascension was to renew our awareness of this relationship.
Christ weaves and lives in both realms.
The plants and trees are visible signs of the harmonious relationship of the earth and the sky.

Human beings are a visible sign of the relationship of heaven and earth.
And two people who create a relationship between themselves; whether as friend, family, or
partner, create a third sense; a sense of ‘us’, a sense of warmth and joy.

The creation of a third aspect, from duality to a ​ trinity,​ is possible because “in the beginning
was…”​ relationship.
The Word was with God and a god was the word. The Father poured his Love towards His Son,
and the Son poured His Love towards the Father and what was created and flowed between
them was the wonderful waves of the third being, the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the love relationship between the Father and the Son.

It is this relationship which is ​ given to us​ !

Or said in a better way, we are included in this flow of love.

This is where we are.

This is who we are.

It is often thought that the Holy Spirit comes and goes again upon the human being,
something akin to a flickering flame or a wind that blows and is gone and yet
the gospel describes mighty “tongues of fire” above the disciple’s heads
and does not say that they departed again.

We live ​ continually,​ within this third force of the trinity, and at Whitsun,
may we rediscover our awareness of our Spirit God.

For She is invisible yet powerful,
enlightening whilst remaining willing to be anonymous,
She is the living water we take for granted.
She warms, softens, mends, renews and restores what is broken.
She is the ever flow and neverending wave.

Yea, so be it.

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